About Us

About Us

We Are On A Mission To
Build A Better Community.

We aim to build a better community for all by providing sustainable skills to women and children to aid in creating lasting solutions to poverty, hunger & social injustice.

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Our Mission

Build A Better Community For All.

We aim to empower, giving every individual the right to survival, protection, personal development & participation, thereby restoring dignity in the community.

Meet the leaders at the forefront of the solution

To bring about change, we must become the change we want to see. Meet the leaders at the forefront of the solution.


Saeed Abrahams

Founder & Chairman

As a busy Executive and an Entrepreneur with an interest in his own businesses and a passion for the Saeed Foundation which he started in 2010 due to a need that he saw in his local Community.

Saeed Abrahams has been involved in not only spearheading the cause to raise funds and donations from various sponsors within the
community of the greater Sophiatown area, but personally gets involved in each and every cause that he is dedicated to.

He started his career as an Electrical Engineer when he received his Electrical Trade Certificate in 1996 and went on to open his own Electrical business. In 2012 he received his N4 & N6 Certificate in Tourism and opened his own Travel Company.

The money generated from these companies is what enables Saeed, in part to back some of the good work that he is doing within the community.


Salama Jardine Abrahams

Co-founder, LAED Academy

Salama Jardine is woman with a rich multi-cultural background and has her roots firmly planted in the community of Westbury from which she hails. She has a strong passion for Education and Social Justice within the community in which she serves and strives to see a better life and future for her people, thereby eradicating the scourge of poverty, unemployment, drugs and violence.


She has an extensive background in Business, Education and Finance with an overwhelming knowledge and many years of studies and Degrees in each field along with a Degree in Educational Psychology.


Salama has put all of her background, training, understand and skills to a greater good by starting the LAÉD Education Private Academy in order to bring about a better society within her Community through learning.


She believes that through Education the youth are given a better platform in life and are then able to achieve greater success and in this way with be able to filter their back into the Community, thereby empowering and uplifting future generations.